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My Story..

How Melly's Homemade Meatball Mix, LLC was birthed.

How many of you feel fatigued, bloated even have brain fog? Did you know that gluten could be contributing to your health issues or just making you not feel like yourself?

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease as a teen and at the time, doctors wanted me to take medicine and stay away from spicy foods. It wasn't until I learned more about gluten that I felt so much better! I am not saying that staying away from gluten is a complete cure nor am I suggesting you stay away from gluten. For me, it helped put into remission many of my symptoms, along with a plan from Functional testing.

I wanted to be an expert in this area so I went back to school and became an FDN- Practitioner. I even wrote a book, "The Butterfly Experience- How to reduce inflammation in as little as 6 weeks".

Not being able to eat Nana's meatballs, which she was famous for, or even bread, pasta or chicken cutlets was really hard! It took over one year but I finally perfected her recipe and made it gluten free.

It is SO easy to make certified gluten free meatballs with our mix. All you need is 1 package of Melly's Homemade Meatball Mix, 3 eggs, 1/4 cup liquid and 1.3 - 1.5 lbs ground beef. That's it! No more Pinterest Fails! The directions are on the back for easy reference.

This mix can be used for more than meatballs.. although Meatballs are our

specialty! Visit our website, under 'Cook with Melly' to find delicious recipes using our mix.


Melly xx

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