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Italian Wedding Soup

Italian Wedding Soup from Melly's Homemade Meatball Mix

Fall is approaching and that means warm, savory soups! In our family, we love having Wedding Soup for the holidays. Making a batch of soup will give you leftovers you can heat up for fast and easy lunches or meals.

Pestata Ingredients

10 Baby Carrots

2 stalks celery

1/2 onion

10 Basil leaves

5 cloves garlic

1 Tablespoon salt

1 fryer chicken (approximately 4 lbs)

20 ounces water

1-2 cups spinach (or your desired taste)

4 Tablespoons tomato sauce

1 package Melly's Homemade Meatball Mix

Directions 1. On low heat, blend Pestata ingredients in a food processor until it becomes a paste 2. Add 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil in pot and sauté with the Pestata paste for 2 minutes. Make sure it doesn't burn 3. Add chicken to the pot and slightly brown. 4. Add water and cook chicken for 45 minutes. 5. Remove chicken and shred. Keep aside. 6.. Add spinach and tomato sauce. Mix 7. Make meatballs according to package. 8. Roll into tiny meatballs and fry in olive oil 9. Add drained meatballs in soup and let simmer for another 20 minutes. 10. Season with salt to taste and add cooked pastina (or any small pasta) or rice for added texture.

Tips: You can add more garlic or one container of chicken broth for added flavor.

No time to wait for chicken soup? Sauté Pestata with 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil for 2 minutes. Add 16oz of your favorite organic, store-bought chicken broth and follow directions to make tiny meatballs. Follow the rest of the directions.

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