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Melly's Homemade Meatball Mix
Melly's dinner
Melly's gluten free meatballs

Hi, I'm Melly

And cooking is my love language! I am always creating family-friendly meals and inviting family and friends to enjoy them. Growing up in an Italian family gave me a deep love and appreciation for the culture. Every original dish has a history behind it!


But perhaps the most important influence on my culinary knowledge was my beloved Nonna. She was the queen of cooking, especially known for her meatballs! I still remember helping her in the kitchen, holding measuring cups for her as she added a little bit of this and that to her recipes. I learned from the best!


Of course, it can be difficult to carve out time for regular family meals and quality time together. Trying to figure out what to cook can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Finding healthy, wholesome meals with real food can also be tricky — especially with food sensitivities in the family!


As a mother and someone who has suffered from Crohn’s and a non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), I understand these challenges. Over the years, I’ve mastered tweaking recipes to make them gluten-free for me. 


So I created Melly’s Italian Kitchen to check every box! I wanted to create high-quality products and a community where food lovers could: 

  • Easily cook delicious meals.

  • Dine together every Sunday (or any day of the week).

  • Enjoy authentic Italian meals despite their food sensitivities.


My goal is to make Italian gourmet easy for everyone. I hope you’ll join me in the kitchen!

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